ProsPol, COST Action IS1209, seeks to compare and disseminate knowledge about the multiple contexts, features and effects of prostitution policies at the European, national and local levels.

Due to the combined pressures of globalisation and changing patterns of migration, trafficking and the commercialisation of sex, prostitution has received unprecedented levels of attention in the last three decades. This has led to a heightened demand for effective models of regulation, for legal harmonization and sharing practice across jurisdictions. Nevertheless, much is contested in this field, with countries adopting varying approaches in light of their own particular political, social and legal cultures. At present there are no efficient strategies to address these complex issues and their comprehensive analysis remain fragmented, with little communication amongst researchers from different countries and between researchers and policy makers.

ProsPol aims to fulfil the pressing need to exchange knowledge and develop comparative approaches on prostitution policies, their effects and the complex contexts influencing them. It provides an innovative platform of exchange to enhance understanding of how concepts, policies and practices transfer across national cultures and local contexts, and the implications this has for knowledge exchange and coordination in the field.

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