Chair of the Action: Isabel Crowhurst
University of Essex, UK
Vice Chair of the Action: May-Len Skilbrei
University of Oslo, Norway
Action Administrator:
Helen Rand
University of Essex, UK
Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) Coordinator: Niina Vuolajärvi 
University of Eastern Finland
Gender Balance Officer: Chiara Bertone
Grant Holder Institution: University of Essex, UK
DC Rapporteurs: Leopoldina Fortunati
Science officer of the Action: Rossella Magli
Administrative COST officer of the Action: Leo Guilfoyle
COST, Belgium


The Core Group

The Core Group consists of the Chair, Isabel Crowhurst; the Vice-Chair, May-Len Skilbrei; the Working Group Leaders, Stef Adriaenssens, Jenny Künkel, Jane Scoular, Marlene Spanger, and Henk Wagenaar;  the STSMs Coordinator, Ninna Vuolajärvi, and the Gender Balance Officer, Chiara Bertone. The Core Group ensures liaison between Workgroups, it facilitates the wider objectives of the Action, and oversees the implementation of the Management Committee decisions. More specifically, the Core Group monitors and ensures: good progress in the publications that result from the Action; the activities of dissemination and effective communication and exchange with policy makers, stakeholders, the media and the general public; the consistent updating of the website; the smooth running of STSMs; and the elaboration of joint research applications.

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