Working Groups

The Action is organised around three Workgroups that constitute its three scientific foci.

Workgroup 1: Prostitution Policies and Politics

The objective of this work group is to analyse the policies and politics of prostitution, by looking in particular at: the state of research on national prostitution regimes and public administration; the intended and unintended effects of prostitution policies; urban restructuring and its impacts on local prostitution regulation; migration and changing laws regarding trafficking; and the action of different regulatory actors.

The leaders of Workgroup 1 are:


Workgroup 2: Economic Dimensions

The objective of this work group is to analyse the economic dimension of prostitution by: looking in particular at the change of market segments across space and time; comparing prostitution with other informal economies; addressing the question of demand in prostitution; and relating the changes in the sex industry to wider economic restructuring.

The leaders of Workgroup 2 are:


Workgroup 3: Sex, Money & Society

The objective of this work group is to analyse the symbolic and cultural dimension of prostitution, by looking at: the subjectivities of prostitution-participants and non-participants; the differences in discursive framing around prostitution, sex and money across time and space; as well as the delineations that society draws between intimacy and economy.

The leaders of Workgroup 3 are:


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